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drone school in kenya



drone training in kenya
17th November 2020
KCAA UTO Certificate 001


 To fly a drone in Kenya you’ll need a Drone Pilot License or Certificate (RPL or RPA Certificate) issued by the KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) 

 Get yours with US, the Kenya drone sector PIONEERS! 

"The fastest, most cost effective and highest standard RPL training in Kenya.

For professionals by professionals!"

Kendrone Location

Training Sites:

Nairobi | Mombasa | Naivasha

[Nairobi: Theory in Karen, Practical in Kikuyu Town]

[Mombasa: Theory & Practical in Mombasa]  

drone business in kenya

RPL (Remote Pilot License) COURSE

Duration 1 week | Course price: 156,000 Ksh

If you want to fly a drone anywhere other than at designated drone flying sites you'll need an RPL.  



Do i need a SRPL to attend the RPL Course? 

 YES. You must have your SRPL before you can start your RPL course. Remember to apply well in advance. 

How long is the RPL Course? 

 1 Week. 

What is the course scheduled

 08:30 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

[Saturday standby if any candidates needs extra training]   

What subjects are covered? 

Subjects include: Air Law, Principles of flight, Meteorology, Navigation and flight planning, Human factors in aviation, UAS Technical & General, Aviation Safety, Kenya Airspace Geography and KCAA administration processes for UAS. 


Do I need my own drone? 

 No, you will use our school drones. 

Is accommodation included? 

No, but we can arrange onsite or near by accommodation. 


Do I NEED to do the Radio License

No, you will only need a radio license if you wish to fly near airports. 

Can I get a RATING without a RPL? 

You need a RPL 1st. Ratings are endorsed in your RPL. 

How to get your RPL

(Remote Pilot License)

*Step 1 | Prerequisite:

Be at least 18 years of age and be proficient in English

*Step 2 | Aviation Medical:

Get a Class 3 Aviation Medical.

See our recommend doctors below or download a full list of approved doctors in Kenya from the below button. 

Dr. Paul Wanjohi & Dr. Phenny Kachumbo at Sky Clinical  Services, South C, Nairobi charge 10,000 Ksh. 

0722 833 492 | 0722 302 086. 

Dr. Mansoor Tayabali at Tayabali Medical & Dental Center, Nyali, Mombasa charges 11,000 Ksh.

0733 410 472.  


*Step 3 | SRPL (Student Remote Pilot Licence) Application: 

Email us:

    1. A copy of your Class 3 Medical certificate.

    2. A copy of your ID or Passport.

    3. A digital Passport photo or selfie. 

    4. Completed FORM - M - PEL 001R





we will apply for your SRPL on your behalf. You MUST have a SRPL before you can attend our RPL course. We require a deposit before applying and paying for your SRPL. 


SRPL processing takes KCAA up to 7 working days. Please send us your documents well in advance of the course start date. 

*Step 4 | RPL (Remote Pilot Licence) Course:

Attend our 5 day RPL course which includes a Theory and Practical assessments.

Our RPL Course price: 156,000 Ksh 

We apply for your SRPL & RPL on your behalf. The course package includes the application fees and examiner fees!

No hidden or extra costs!  

drone business in kenya

RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) Certificate. 

For HOBBY flying ONLY. 

Duration 1 day | Course price: 28,000 Ksh

Limited to Category A ("low risk") drone operations. This course is for HOBBY pilots only.   

Training Schedual NEW - Oct - Dec  2022.jpg
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Specialized training courses:

drone business in kenya

Drones for Aerial Survey | Duration 5 days | Course cost 65,000 Ksh

This course teaches aerial survey theory and practical, data capture, data processing, photogrammetry and the full workflow process. An RPL or RPA Certificate is required to attend this course. 

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Fixed wing drone training COURSE | Duration 2 - 3 day | Course cost 65,000 Ksh

Some drone pilots want to operate Fixed Wing drones. This course gives you the skills to fly fixed wing drones with confidence. An RPL or RPA Certificate is required to attend this course. 

drone companies in kenya

Radio Telephony License COURSE

Duration 1 day | Course cost 10,000 Ksh

If you intend to fly in locations with high levels of aircraft traffic you will need an RT License. 

*Prices are in Kenya Shillings and are
subject to change without notice. 

Training Sites:

 Our 3 training sites were selected with conveniences for our students in mind and offer a superior learning experience. 

Kendrone Location

We have training facilities located in:

Nairobi [Theory: Karen + Practical: Kikuyu Town] | Mombasa [Mtwapa] | Naivasha [Kedong Ranch, Moi South Lake]

drone companies in kenya

Nairobi Training Site| St. Elizabeth Boys High School, Karen & Ondiri Farm, Kikuyu Town. 

Our Nairobi training facility:

THEORY Classes:        Karen [within St. Elizabeth Boys High School]

PRACTICAL Classes:    Kikuyu Town [Ondiri Farm] 

drone companies in kenya

Mombasa Training Site | Greenwood Resort, Mtwapa

The Kenya coast offers notoriously good weather and flying conditions, and just in case mother nature do not play ball, we have an indoor flying hall.  

We are conveniently located on the outskirts of Mombasa in Mtwapa. Just far enough away from airports but close enough to be easily accessible. Our facility is within Greenwood Resort and we can arrange accommodation and meals so you can stay on site with other students and get a fully immersive learning experience. 

drone companies in kenya

Naivasha Training Site| Kedong Ranch, South Lake 

This site had thousands of acres of out door training area and is ideal for specialized and advanced training.