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drone training in kenya



To fly a drone in Kenya you’ll need a Licence or Certificate from the KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority).


Please email us for details of any of our courses that are listed below:

* The new 2020 Kenyan drone regulations: The Civil Aviation Act (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations, that replace the cancelled 2017 regulations are ready! (30th March 2020).

Sub Regulations and Administrative Channels are being created and implemented so the new regulations can be rolled out. It is almost time for the Kenya drone industry to finally begin! Kendrone is ready to serve your needs!

*Please note that it is currently (*June 2020) illegal to fly any kind of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) in Kenya without prior approval from the KCAA. 

To view the : The Civil Aviation Act (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations follow this link to the KCAA website: https://www.kcaa.or.ke/legislation-%26-publications/aviation-regulations

Licences and Certificates:

RPL (Remote Pilot Licence) COURSE

If you want to operate a drone anywhere other than at designated drone flying sites you'll need an RPL.  

RPA ( Remotely Piloted Aircraft ) Pilot Certificate COURSE

This certificate allows you to fly at designated drone flying sites only. 

RPA Observer Certificate COURSE

With this certificate you can act as a drone pilots Observer and Assistant. 


 These are additional KCAA qualifications you can add to your Licence or Certificate

EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight) Rating COURSE

This rating allows you to fly your drone, with the assistance of an Observer, beyond the distance your eyes can see [or 500 meters] but not further than 1,000 meters. 

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Rating COURSE

This rating allows you to fly your drone beyond 1,000 meters. 

Instructor Rating COURSE

Become a ground school and or flight instructor.

Specialized training courses:

 In some cases a "Rating" may not be available but the KCAA require proof of a skill or ability. 

Night flight training COURSE

If you want to operate at night you'll need approval from the KCAA. We provide the training to conduct night operations safely. 

Fixed wing drone training COURSE

Some drone pilots want to operate Fixed Wing drones. This course gives you the skills to fly fixed wing drones with confidence. 

FPV (First Person View) mini quad training COURSE

Flying "mini quads" or "racing drones" is exciting, fun and allows for capture of some spectacular footage. This specialized from of flying is taught in this course. 

Training Sites:

 Our 3 training sites were selected with conveniences for our students in mind and offer a superior learning experience. 

We have training facilities located in:

Mombasa | Nairobi | Naivasha

Mombasa Training Site | Greenwood Resort, Mtwapa

The Kenya coast offers notoriously good weather and flying conditions and just in case mother nature do not play ball we have an indoor flying hall.  

We are conveniently located on the outskirts of Mombasa in Mtwapa. Just far enough away from airports but close enough to be easily accessible. Our facility is within Greenwood Resort and we can arrange accommodation and meals so you can stay on site with other students and get a fully immersive learning experience. 

Nairobi Training Site| St. Elizabeth Boys High School, Karen

Our Nairobi site is in Karen within St. Elizabeth Boys High School. We have large outdoor flying areas as well as a large indoor flying hall for poor weather days.  

Naivasha Training Site| Kedong Ranch, South Lake 

This site had thousands of acres of out door training area and is ideal for specialized and advanced training.