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drone operators in kenya



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We are the 1st Government Aviation Authority Approved UTO [UAS Training Organization] in Africa !

*[Outside of South Africa] 

KENDRONE Ltd is a Kenyan company that provides:


 Commercial and Recreational Drone Training

We are proud to be the 1st UTO [Unmanned Aircraft System Training Organization] Approved in KENYA

and Africa! *[with the exception of South Africa.] 

Training sites in Nairobi | Mombasa | Naivasha

 Commercial Drone Services

We provide Aerial SurveyMapping and Industrial Inspection services.  


Our Founder and Managing Director has been directly involved in the Kenyan drone sector since 2017. We are proud that he received the first ever Kenyan Drone Instructors’ Recognition issued by the KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) in April 2018 and was the 1st appointed DFE[i] (Designated Fight Examiner Instructor of Instructors) . As an ex Kenya Airways airline pilot his knowledge of International and Kenyan aviation issues and subjects is extensive, and this high standard is applied across our business.


We maintain a hands-on approach and our diverse experience allows us to stay up to date in a multi directional and rapidly changing industry. Our Founder and CEO is an avid FPV pilot going by the nickname "Sensei" in FPV circles and is arguably one of the most skilled drone pilots in East Africa. 

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